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News from the Specialized Information Services Division

Conference Exhibit Schedule

SIS staff will be available at these meetings and conferences.

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Disaster Information Management Research Center

WISER for Android 3.1 is now available

WISER's Help Identify Chemical capability is now available on the Android platform.

  • Identify and validate an unknown chemical based on the following criteria:
    • Physical properties of the substance gathered by observation or sensors
    • Signs and symptoms of victims of exposure
    • The ability to categorize a substance, such as a substance used in a meth lab or a flammable substance
    • Hazard values from NFPA 704 placards
    • Transportation identification, including DOT placards, type of road trailer, and type of rail car
  • Use WISER's protective distancemapping feature on your Android device:
    • Visualize the areas likely to beaffected during the first 30 minutes after a substance is spilled orreleased on a live map.
    • The Department of Transportation's Emergency ResponseGuidebook serves as the source of WISER's protective distance data

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Environmental Health & Toxicology

New Agents added to Haz-Map

NLM updated Haz-Map with 497 agents. It now contains 10,133 biological and chemical agents.

TOXMAP beta now includes TRI 2012 data

TOXMAP beta now includes the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) 2012 National Analysis data.

New Agents and Job Tasks added to Haz-Map

NLM updated Haz-Map with 481 new agents, including 23 agents causing occupational ashtma. Fifteen new hazardous job tasks linked to jobs and industries were also added in this update.

HSDB record created for 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol

A Hazardous Substances Data Bank record was created for 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol, the chemical found in the January 2014 West Virginia Elk River chemical spill.

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General Announcements

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HIV/AIDS Information

Customer Survey for the NLM HIV/AIDS Portal begun

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TOXNET and Beyond Class

TOXNET and Beyond Class Schedule

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News Archive

Visit the News Archive for earlier announcements.

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