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Especially for Students and Educators

Starting Points

Environmental Health Student Portal
Educational resources for middle school students and teachers on how the environment effects health
Tox Town
Interactive guide to toxic substances and environmental health issues in everyday places
Provides a fun experience while teaching about household chemical hazards. For children from 7-11 years old
Toxicology Tutorials
Basic toxicology principles written at the introductory college student level
Household Products Database
Safety and health information for products used in and around the home
Geographic representation of TRI data with links to other TOXNET resources
Helping students and teachers in grades 9 - 12 learn genetics

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Household Products Database


More Detailed NLM Resources for Students/Educators

Drug Information Portal

Information from the National Library of Medicine and other key government agencies. Mobile version


Consumer health resource with links to authoritative information on health topics


Databases on hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases

ChemIDplus - Chemical Identification Plus

Dictionary of chemical names, synonyms, and structures. Links to related NLM databases and other resources

Enviro-Health Links

Evaluated links to Internet resources on selected toxicology and environmental health issues

MEDLINE/PubMed Toxicology Subset

References from biomedical journals. The subset improves searching for articles about toxicology

K-12 Science and Health Education

National Library of Medicine resources to supplement education programs

Education, Careers, and Outreach in Toxicology and Environmental Health

Resources for study and teaching, career paths and opportunities, and public outreach

Resources for Teachers (PDF, 140 KB)

PDF documents can be viewed with the free Adobe® Reader

Other NLM Resources for Students/Educators

DIRLINE - Directory of Information Resources Online

Organizations offering information, referral and support for many diseases and conditions

Health Hotlines

Directory of health-related organizations with toll-free telephone numbers. A Health Hotlines App is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

IUPAC Glossary of Terms Used In Toxicology, 2nd Edition

Definitions and explanatory notes for terms frequently used in the field of toxicology