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Information Roles in Disaster Management

Course Description
Course Developers
Course Resources
Materials for Instructors (Available on Request)
About the Disaster Information Specialization Certificate


Course Description

Information Roles in Disaster Management

This class presents current research findings on librarians' roles supporting the disaster workforce. The class also discusses the information needs of first responders, emergency managers, and other professionals working in the areas of disaster planning, response, and recovery. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on class content through tabletop exercises that simulate disaster scenarios and interactive activities. Participants will also gain knowledge of a range of potential information services they could offer members of the disaster workforce.

Course Developers

Robin Featherstone, MLIS
Research Librarian
Alberta Research Center for Health Evidence
Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada

For questions or concerns about a course, please contact the Disaster Information Management Research Center at dimrc@nlm.nih.gov

This class is offered at no cost. Completing this class earns three Medical Library Association (MLA) continuing education (CE) credits. CE hours from this class may be used toward the MLA Disaster Information Specialization Program document of completion at the Basic Level.

To obtain a certificate showing that you have completed this class, please register using the registration form and select the class you have completed from the dropdown menu. You will receive an email with a link to the Continuing Education survey from the Medical Library Association. After completing the survey, you will be able to print or download your class certificate. This certificate is the only record of your class completion. You will need to retain a copy of the certificate to include in your application for the MLA Disaster Information Specialization Basic Level document of completion.

Course Resources

To complete the online class, please view the video lecture and read the course materials. You may find it helpful to review the handouts and presentation materials before watching the course. Complete homework activity 1 before watching the videocast.

Videocast Recording The videocast for day 2 is an MP4 file. If you do not have a media player, you can find links to download QuickTime on the NIH Accessibility page. Due to the quality of the recording, you may want to view the videocasts in Firefox in order to zoom in to increase the size of the video. In Firefox, to zoom in, press and hold the Ctrl key while pressing + key, or you can press and hold the Ctrl key and use the scroll wheel on your mouse. Additionally, the PowerPoint slides and transcript are available below.

PowerPoint slides Used in the Videocast
Transcript of Live-Captioning of Videocast
Homework Exercises

Activity 1: Hazards Identification Checklist

Activity 2: Disaster Planning Interventions Exercise
Final Homework

Note: You only need to complete one of the table top exercises for your final homework.

Select a table top exercise based on the hazards you identified for your region.

If none of the hazards below are likely to occur in your region, select an exercise with a similar warning time to a likely hazard in your community: Email your completed exercise to mlapd3@mlahq.org

Enter the email subject line as your last name_DIS_Homework

e.g., Featherstone_DIS_Homework

Materials for Instructors

Classroom Course Materials

Materials for presenting this course in a classroom setting are available upon request from dimrc@nlm.nih.gov
About the Disaster Information Specialization Certificate

The Medical Library Association (MLA) awards a Basic or Advanced certificate for completion of courses and other activities as part of the Disaster Information Specialization Program. Courses and activities that meet the requirements for a certificate are outlined in the Disaster Information Model Curriculum. Completing the course Information Roles in Disaster Management earns three hours of MLA continuing education credit which may be used towards the Basic certificate. See Registration for details on documenting your completion of this class.
This course was first developed in 2012 as part of a Medical Library Association project (contract HHS-N-276-2010-00782-P) funded by the National Library of Medicine.